Tantalus Packaging

CBD Primary

Tantalus strains marked as CBD primary have both high CBD contents and low THC. They are reported to provide cannabis experiences with a body relaxation and comparably low psychoactive effect.

Cascade $9.00/Gram

One of our exclusive to Tantalus strains is Cascade, Sungrown and cultivated sustainably in the heart of Canada’s cannabis capital. This truly BC strain is sativa dominant and high in CBD with very low levels of THC for a milder experience. The rich cherry and roast coffee aroma is enhanced by our uniquely low and slow curing process that preserves the terpenes and kicks up flavour profiles. It’s a mellow BC cannabis strain that boasts exceptional resin production and is exclusively Sungrown in Canada.

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0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%
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